Infrastructure and safety

miser infrastruttura



In the last four years Milano Serravalle has consolidated its central role in the development of viability initiatives in Lombardy region through the implementation of several works aiming to ensure the safety of travelers and the flow of traffic around Milan.

Since 2008, three major nodes were loose on the motorway system around the metropolitan area of Milan: exit Forlanini / Linate, the viability of access to Fiera Milano (Pero) from/to the ring road west and the widening  the A7 motorway to three lanes from the bridge over the river Po to the junction with the Turin-Piacenza (A21). Milano Serravalle commitment is to continue the ongoing work of upgrading the entire road network managed by the company.


miser asfalto drenante

Motorway road surfaces are subject to wear and deterioration and therefore require continuous maintenance in order to preserve their properties and ensure road safety. 
The maintenance activities mainly involve restoring grip to the worn layer, whether it is traditional or porous, and where necessary rebuilding the deeper layers of the road superstructure to restore it to optimum structural and load bearing conditions.
In accordance with the programme aimed at further improving the safety of the network and ensuring the highest possible levels of service, a plan is currently underway to replace the old road surface with porous concrete.
The percentage of porous concrete coverage along the entire network is 81%, and is distributed as follows:

  • A7 Milan - Serravalle motorway: 75%
  • A50 Milan West Ring Road: 91%
  • A51 Milan East Ring Road: 97%
  • A52 Milan North Ring Road: 94%


miser guard rail

The guard rails are an active protection system designed to control any vehicles that leave the carriageway; they can be made from either steel or concrete. Metal guard rails are made up of a series of supports made from section metal and bi or tri-wave horizontal strips designed to absorb the energy of the impact and redirect the vehicle onto the carriageway.

The company has large-scale one-off maintenance projects planned on all sections of the network to replace the existing guard rails with new triple-wave guard rails that provide higher standards of safety.

To date, works have been carried out on:

  • A50 Milan West Ring Road: replacement of existing guard rail with triple-wave guard rail from km 8 to Km 22+300 on the central traffic divider;
  • A51 Milan East Ring Road: replacement of existing guard rail with triple-wave guard rail from Paullo to Forlanini from km 1 to km 2 on the side barriers and from km 4 to km 6 on the entire recently-upgraded Forlanini junction;
  • A7 Milan - Serravalle motorway: replacement of existing guard rail with triple-wave guard rail from km 5+500 to the bridge over the river Po km 41+400 on the central traffic divider and from km 43 to km 63 on the central traffic divider and side barriers in line with the widening to three lanes of the section between the bridge over the river Po and the junction with the A21 Turin-Piacenza.

miser segnaletica


In order to better integrate the motorway infrastructure with urban areas, the motorway continues to combat noise by building panelled artificial barriers and natural barriers made from land banks.
A noise barrier is a passive system that interrupts the sound waves emanating from traffic and is characterised by a minimum width.  Panels can be made from different materials with the desired sound absorption properties, such as reinforced concrete, wood or glass and/or Plexiglas panes where transparency and mechanical resistance are required.  In some special cases the construction of acoustic tunnels and covering cutting sections is being considered.

miser illuminazione


On the Milan North Ring Road, carriageways are lit along the entire length of the road and along the link roads to and from Monza San Alessandro, Monza Centro, the SP5, the East Ring Road, the A4 motorway and the Milan-Meda road.

On the Milan West Ring Road, carriageways are lit near the junctions with the A1 motorway, Val Tidone, A7-Giovi, Vigevanesi, Baggio-Cusago, Settimo-via Novara and the A8-A9 motorways. The link roads to and from Baggio-Cusago, via Novara-Fiera, the A1 motorway and the A8-A9 motorways are also lit.

On the Milan East Ring Road, carriageways are lit from km 0 to km 9 (Lambrate junction) including the link roads and carriageways between Vimercate and Usmate and the link roads with the A4 motorway.

On the A7, the urban section of carriageway between Milan – piazza Maggi and the Milan West tollgate are lit; the link roads for Cantalupa, Assago, Casei, Castelnuovo Scrivia and Tortona and the junctions with the A21 and A26 motorways are also lit.
By the end of the year the link roads to Binasco, Bereguardo and Gropello Cairoli will also be lit.


miser manutenzione

Primary commitments, aiming to further increase security and ensure a high level of service is represented by the implementation of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of infrastructure in the concession, and in particular:

  • or kept in an excellent state of the pavements with particular regard to the restoration of adhesion of the surface;
  • leading to the restoration or preservation and conservation of art works and buildings;
  • or kept on the efficiency of protection systems (safety barriers, networks of fence) and reporting (road markings and signs);
  • or the proper functioning of the facilities in general and for levying tolls in particular;
  • or the proper maintenance of green spaces and appliances highways;
  • or cover during the winter of operations to prevent ice and plow. 

In order to create less disruption to traffic highway maintenance are performed in the most challenging night time, through all the steps necessary to perform operations safely for both the workers and for the traffic, minimizing the inconvenience caused by construction sites to users.

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