Toll categories

Motorway tolls throughout the entire motorway network in Italy (with the exception of the Naples Ring Road, which is calculated on the number of axles on the vehicle), are calculated according to the physical dimensions of the vehicle:

  • GAUGE - i.e. the height of the vehicle measured perpendicular to the front axle - for vehicles with 2 axles (categories A and B);
  • NUMBER OF AXLES for vehicles or convoys with more than two axles (categories 3, 4 and 5).


  • CATEGORY A: 2 axles - height equal to or less than 1.3 m (measured at the front axle). All cars, motorcycles and scooters fall into this category.  N.B. only scooters and motorbikes of 150 cc and above may circulate on motorways and ring roads.
  • CATEGORY B: 2 axles - height greater than 1.3 m (measured at the front axle). Cars above 1.3 m in height fall into this category (for examples certain models of Jeep or SUV), as well as camper vans, coaches and trucks and vans with two axles.
  • CATEGORY 3: all cars and camper vans with trailers with one axle and coaches with three axles.
  • CATEGORY 4: all cars with trailers with two axles, heavy goods vehicles (lorries, trucks, etc.) with four axles and those with two axles with two-axle trailers.
  • CATEGORY 5: all lorries/trucks with five axles or more and lorries/trucks with trailers with more than two axles.


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