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TELEPASS is a service that allows road users to pass through the dedicated Telepass toll lanes and pay the toll without stopping at the gate. This is made possible by a small device that is simply attached to the windscreen of your car or motorbike; payment is made via Direct Debit or credit card.  There is no increased cost and the toll fees remain the same regardless of the payment method used.
There are several types of TELEPASS available to satisfy different needs:

  • Telepass with Viacard: linked to a Direct Debit Viacard, this version is particularly well-suited to business users, or anyone who frequently uses the motorway;
  • Telepass Family: this version is mainly aimed at private customers that do not frequently use the motorway.

The Telepass device may be used on a maximum of two vehicles (including motorbikes), whose number plate details must be provided to Telepass S.p.A.

The Telepass device can be picked immediately at any of the Courtesy Points provided by Milano-Serravalle or at the Blue Points and service areas of all the concessionary companies.  The device remains the property of Autostrade per l'Italia Spa and is provided on loan at costs that vary according to the service chosen.
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