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We inform our kind Customers that has been extended by MIT, the discounted rate modulation of 30% for all motorcyclists with license plates, toll holders on all the motorway sections. This discount will be effective retroactively from 1 genuary and will remain valid until 30 june 2018.


25% discount on toll fees for commuters using the Milan East and North Ring Roads

special offer 25Special offer on pre-paid cards for the A51 Milan East and A52 Milan North Ring Roads. These are pre-paid cards that allow commuters using the Milan East and North Ring Roads to get a 25% discount on toll fees.  They can be purchased in amounts of 20 € (sale price 15 €), 40 € (sale price 30 €) and 80 € (sale price 60 €) at the Courtesy Points of Agrate Brianza and Sesto San Giovanni, and can only be used at the tollgates of Agrate (to and from Vimercate) and Sesto San Giovanni. All types of vehicle can use the card, which is operated in the same way as a Viacard

Special offer 2 - Telepass Family special offer for the Milan Ring Roads

special offer telepass

Starting from 01/01/09 Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. offers commuters the opportunity to use the Telepass Family service, with no rental charges for 2009, providing a discount of 25% on toll fees at the tollgates of Agrate (to and from Vimercate - East Ring Road), Sesto San Giovanni (North Ring road) and Terrazzano (West Ring Road).

The free Telepass Family device is available to all motorists that request it at a Courtesy Point, declaring - by signing a self-certification form - that they are commuters using the Milan Ring Roads:  they will then receive a new Telepass device, whose rental fees will be paid by Milano Serravalle for all of 2009. With regards to the Terrazzano tollgate, the 25% discount applies exclusively to toll fees due to our company.

NB: The term Commuter refers to people that pass through a determined tollgate on average at least 5 times a week to reach their place of work. This special offer is also available to people that already have a Telepass Family contract.

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