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FAQs - Frequently asked questions
If the card is purchased from a Courtesy Point, a receipt can be issued directly on request; if the card is purchased from a different outlet, the envelope containing the filled out cards should be sent to MilanoSerravalle – MilanoTangenziali S.p.A. strada 3 pal.b4, 20090, Assago (MilanoFiori), a receipt will then be issued.

The Telepass device is fitted with a small battery, which may over time run down; in the event of this occurring, you should visit your nearest Courtesy Point where the device will be serviced.  The device may also stop working if for any reason your bank refuses to provide credit.

This service is designed for customers driving vehicles for private use and can be requested by anyone with a current account at a bank approved by Autostrade S.p.A.. The following documents are required: the dedicated Direct Debit form for the service duly signed and stamped by the authorising Bank; a valid form of ID; the number plates of the vehicles on which the device is to be used.  The Telepass device will only be issued to the person named on the request form or delegated by this person.

This is a pre-paid magnetic card available in amounts of € 25, € 50 and € 75; it remains valid until all the credit has been used up.  These cards can be purchased at the Courtesy Points provided by our company; at the Blue Points provided by participating motorway companies, at service areas, at ACI offices, at several banks, at post offices, at numerous tobacconists and other shops.

There are several ways you can send us your curriculum vitae:

  • Via internet: strongly recommended, this allows us to evaluate prospective candidates very quickly.
  • Via fax: No: 02/57594301.
  • Via post: to Milano Serravalle-Milano Tangenziali S.p.A. Strada 3 Palazzo B/4- Milanofiori – 20090 Assago (MI).

Anyone who writes to Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali S.p.A., can rely on us respecting not only the legally imposed privacy obligations (Legislative Decree 196/2003), but also ethical and professional discretion.

Just advise a Courtesy Point in writing of your situation providing your customer code; the staff will then send out a copy of the missing invoice.  Upon written request, replacement invoices may also be provided by fax. Invoices will be sent to the address provided on your Viacard registration form.

The device remains the property of Autostrade S.p.A. and is provided on loan. The cost varies according to the type of service: The Telepass Viacard service costs € 1.03 plus VAT per month; the Telepass Family service is invoiced on a quarterly basis and costs € 3.10 plus VAT per quarter, and it is subject to a maximum amount of € 258.23. In the event of the maximum amount being exceeded, invoices will be issued on a monthly basis until a quarter in which the quarterly limit is not exceeded; the device rental fees will be € 3.10 plus VAT for each invoice issued.

The Telepass business service is designed for business users that mainly travel with commercial vehicles, are VAT registered and already have a Direct Debit Viacard. In order to receive a Telepass device, you will need to bring: your Viacard; a valid form of ID (driving license, passport, identity card); your business stamp, in the case of a business; the number plate details of vehicles which are not currently equipped with Telepass devices, on which the device may be used.  Only one Telepass device will be issued for each Viacard held. The device remains the property of Autostrade S.p.A. and is provided on loan.

We offer all types of work contracts covered by law, both part-time and full-time.

A Direct-Debit Viacard may fail to work for three reasons: Demagnetisation – in this instance you should visit your nearest Courtesy Point to have the card re-magnetised; Damage – if it is not possible to re-magnetise the card, it must be replaced; replacement cards can be issued within approximately 15 days; Payment refused by the customer's bank for various reasons – in this case you should clarify your position with your bank.
If a road user arrives at the motorway exit without a ticket - because it has been lost or was not withdrawn at the point of entry - in accordance with article 176 comma 16 of the Highway Code, motorway staff are obliged to charge a toll fee calculated from the motorway entry point furthest away from the exit point. Your motorway ticket is the only valid document that proves the route you have taken and thereby the toll fee due.
Yes, only if the vehicle the device is moved to does not already have a Telepass device. The number plate change must however be immediately reported to a Courtesy Point, via fax, providing details of the Telepass device number, the old number plate and the new one. A Telepass device can be used on up to three vehicle number plates.

In the event of loss, theft or damage to the Telepass device, visit your nearest Courtesy Point to have the unit serviced or replaced.  In the event of theft of your device, you must produce a copy of the police report.

You just need to deliver your device to a Courtesy Point; if you are a Business user, you will need to deliver your device to a Courtesy point or send any Telepass devices and connected Viacards to the same address, with an attached request for the return of the cautionary deposit.

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