Exceptional loads

EXCEPTIONAL LOADS: Any vehicles whose driving configuration exceeds, due to specific functional requirements, the size or weight limits set out by articles 61 and 62 of the New Highway Code is classified as exceptional.
The Exceptional Load office, located at the company headquarters in Assago – Milanofiori, Strada 3 Palazzo B/4, issues the following permits: 

  • SINGLE – for transit to be carried out once only and within a month of the issue of the permit.
  • MULTIPLE – for transit to be carried out an agreed number of times within three months of the issue of the permit.
  • PERIODICAL – for transit to be carried out an unlimited number of times within one year of the issue of the permit.
  • WORKS VEHICLES – to be used within a determined time period, requested upon the presentation of the relevant documentation and issued for no fewer than 20 transits per month. 

For further information and to request a permit contact:

Opening hours 9:00 – 12:30
Telephone 02.575941
Fax. 02.8240919


All applicants should consult the “bulletins” website to find out about possible road closures and contact the

Radio Information Centre
(24 hours a day)
Telephone + 39 02 5285 5500


Documents required for permit requests:

  • Permit request form, filled out and presented at least 15 days before the date set for the transit
  • A receipt for the payment of the permit processing fees
  • Vehicle registration document or replacement document issued by the M.C.T.C
  • Solemn affirmation equivalent to an affidavit confirming the copy is faithful to the original
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance policy
  • A declaration from the company performing the works detailing: the size, weight and nature of the goods being transported


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